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Free creating a PowerPoint presentation using AI

PowerPoint presentations are a popular tool for communicating information and ideas in a variety of settings, from boardrooms to classrooms. However, creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive proce...

StockTemplates StockTemplates Feb, 21 2023

PowerPoint templates are a useful tool

PowerPoint templates are a useful tool for creating presentations that are both visually appealing and effective in conveying information. A PowerPoint template is a pre-designed slide or set of slides that can be used as a starting point for crea...

StockTemplates StockTemplates Feb, 20 2023

How to resize PowerPoint slides

Sizing applies to all slides in a presentation PowerPoint isn't able to resize one slide within a presentation. All slides in a presentation are the same size. Orientation applies to all slides in a present...

StockTemplates StockTemplates Nov, 14 2021

PowerPoint - Projector Issues

Some users who are going to give PowerPoint presentation will need a good projector for displaying this presentation to people. Are you concerned about your projector? If display settings of your projector are incorrect, all your presentation may...

StockTemplates StockTemplates Oct, 10 2021

Push Pins Will Save Your Time

Would you like to save plenty of time working with PowerPoint documents? Users, who work with the same PowerPoint files and edit them, will save plenty of time using Push Pins. Frequently used PowerPoint documents can be easily Push Pinned. All re...

StockTemplates StockTemplates Oct, 09 2021

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